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Sustainable development goals

Investing in sustainability

 DRINKS3 is proud to bring you WATER3 Natural Mineral Water. We are on a mission to become the UK’s lowest carbon footprint drinks brand by 2022. Our mission begins with our packaging which generates significantly less CO2 than standard plastic bottles. 

A sustainable future is Important for us all which is why we have considered the UN sustainable development goals as integral part of our organisation. We look forward to telling you more about our exciting plans to change the drinks industry into a more sustainable one by considering our impact at every stage of our journey.

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  • Green Innovation Environment

    Responsibly Sourced Materials

    Including the FSC certified paperboard, the EU sourced plant based plastic used in our lids and the ASI certified aluminium.

  • Green Innovation Environment

    Lower Carbon Footprint

    Our carton bottles have been proven via a life-cycle analysis to generate up to 41% less CO2 than plastic bottles.

  • Green Innovation Environment

    Moving to Renewable Resources

    We are working on ways to change the drinks industry and move it away from using non-renewable resources such as energy and materials.

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