Carton bottled water packs

Join us on our journey of building the lowest carbon footprint drinks brand in the UK by 2022.

Our packaging is 100% recyclable and uses up to 41% less CO2 than a plastic bottle. The materials used in our carton bottles are 100% responsible soured and over 94% plant based (yes even our lid is a plant based plastic)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your carton-bottles recyclable?

Yes 100%. As we carefully consider each step in our packaging life cycle it was important to us that our entire bottle be completely recyclable as a single unit.

What do you mean by plant based materials?

Our cartons are made from FSC certified paperboard and a plant based plastic made from tall oil (this is a resin which is a byproduct of paper milling). The fact that our carton-bottles have such a high percentage of renewable materials is one of the reasons why the carbon footprint is so low. 

Is it not better to use tap water?

Yes, if possible and preferred. We agree, that we as a society we need to change our consumption habits. It is not sustainable for us to be drinking pre-packaged drinks at the rates we currently are, however, there will always be a need for convenience. This is why we intend to set the benchmark for sustainability in this market. 

What about cans, glass and bottles made from 100% recycled plastic?

Before we launched Drinks Cubed we were very open minded about the packaging solution. We researched the life cycle of cans and although cheaper and easier to produce than our current carton-bottles they generate higher carbon emissions than regular plastic bottles.

Glass is a similar story but a much heavier alternative which means the carbon footprint of transport is higher. If a glass bottles is used multiple times it's footprint would lower each time. 

100% recycled plastic bottles did not make sense to us as there are only a limited number of times a piece of plastic can be recycled for food or drink. This means there will still be a reliance on new plastic coming into the supply chain. Although this is a much easier solution we did not believe this to be the right path for a truly sustainable drinks brand.

So as our intent is to build a lower carbon footprint drinks brand these options were definitely not the right solutions for us. We believe we need to embrace moving away from non-renewable resources to more sustainable and renewable ones.

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