Our Mission

Welcome to Drinks Cubed Ltd. and Water Cubed natural mineral water.

Our founders are impassioned to create an ethical consumer brand of difference.

In the past ethically produced drinks have often been very expensive, which have limited their appeal. However, with the ever growing need and understanding that we are possibly the final generation that has the opportunity to combat the destruction caused globally by man-made climate change. We know the time is right to bring a new type of business to the drinks market, that truly puts our planet first. Drinks Cubed aims to be a key player in creating a ‘step change’ in the consumer mindset, helping to shape and change their behaviours through the growing market appetite for water & flavoured waters.

At Drinks Cubed our mission statement is ‘progress in pursuit of perfection’ and in harnessing this, we have invested significant time and research in reducing single use plastic within the drinks manufacturing process and actively encourage our customers to reduce the use of single use plastic, via reusing our carton- bottles sensibly & recycling them. Our Water Cubed product packaging is innovative within the premium mineral water market, harnessing 100% responsibly sourced materials, over 90% of which are plant based. These materials not only create products with significant ‘shelf stand out’ via unique looks.They also provide improved distribution and packaging solutions too. Most importantly, the Water Cubed carton-bottles have been proven to use 41% less CO2 in its life cycle vs. conventional plastic drinks bottles.

However we know ‘recyclable packaging’ isn’t new – and although an extremely important in a world being destroyed by single use plastic – it should only be a small part of a truly innovative company’s commercial story. So even though our Water Cubed packaging will be the most visible difference for consumers, are also be applying a critical eye over every foreseeable aspect of our whole supply chain to make sure Drinks Cubed has the smallest ecological footprint possible.

Our goal is simple – we aim to become the lowest carbon footprint drinks brand  by 2022 and a pioneer as a commercially successful, green business. In turn gifting our customers the buying knowledge that their purchase choice of Water Cubed is good for the mind, body & planet, in one.

Thank you for your time & interest.
The Drinks Cubed Team

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